Acro Teacher :: Ben Prince

Ben has been practising circus and gymnastics for around 10 years. His main skills are tumbling, handstands, duo adagio and aerial straps. Ben started at Flipside just after he left school and instantly fell in love with circus and performing. In 2009 Ben travelled with 3 friends to live in China to learn acrobatics at the Beijing acrobatics school. Since his return,  he has spent all of his spare time teaching whoever is willing to learn and training where ever he can: on the beach, in the gym or at the park, all with the hope of one day travelling around the world and performing. Ben is currently part of an acrobatics duo called ‘Human Design’.  They perform adagio and hand to hand for festivals and functions. Ben would love to share his knowledge and skills and at the same time learn from as many people as he can. 

“It doesn’t matter if they are the best in the world, a passer-by or my own students. You can learn something from everyone. Never stop learning and always strive to make yourself a better person.”

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