Show Dance teaches jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, drama, song & dance and acro


The style Jazz represents our culture which is always changing. Today, jazz dance is influenced by pop music. This includes songs heard on the radio, TV, in movies and much more; artists such as Ricki Lee, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Jessica Mauboy. Jazz dance enhances flexibility, movement, and fitness levels. This form of modern dance is a great work out for all ages and levels of ability.

We offer Jazz classes from children aged 5 to adult.


Classical ballet is the graceful foundation of dance, used to develop correct posture, strength and technique. Rooted in classical movement such as positions, jumps and turns, the style is progressive and offers students the perfect opportunity to grow from young aspiring students into dancers en pointe. Classes combine exercises at the barre with floor work.

We offer classes from 3 years to adult.


For young and eager Fred Astaires and Tap Dogs. Tap is a combination of old and modern tap styles.  Tap offers a different view on dance. You are able to hear the moves you create.

We offer classes from beginner to advanced.

Hip hop

Hip Hop is a street style of dance. Hip Hop is a forever growing style. It is a free, strong and powerful expression of dance. This style stays up to date with music, such as artists like Beyonce, Jay Z, Iggy Azalea, Michael Jackson, Rita Ora, Flo Rida and Rhianna.

We offer classes from 5 years to adult.


Contemporary is a mixture of ballet and modern dance. It builds on strong and technical movements that can make routines look strong and fluent at the same time. Contemporary dance encourages self expression. This style is open to personal interpretation with the natural flow on rhythm.

We offer classes from 10 years to adult.


Drama classes fuse improvisational skills with acting technique, providing a fun, supportive environment that fosters imagination whilst building confidence. Students work on movement, projection and building character, through theatre games and scenes from popular stage shows like Annie and Matilda.

We offer classes from 8+ years.

Song and Dance

Song and dance helps students to find their voice. With a focus on developing correct vocal technique and projection, this style combines singing, dancing and performance skills. Songs are largely drawn from the world of musical theatre, incorporating shows like Hairspray, Grease, Wicked and Lion King.

We offer classes form 8 years to adult.


Acro is short for acrobatics. Unlike gymnastics, acro concentrates on floor work, building foundational strength during basic tricks in order for students to move towards advance skills.

We offer classes from beginner to advanced.


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