acro coach :: Mitch Perry

Mitchell has been involved in gymnastics, acrobatics and dance since shortly after he could walk. He trained and competed in high-performance level gymnastics from age 5 until he was 14, when he stopped to focus on academics, and made the switch to dancing. He primarily learned and performed ballet, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre. Mitchell still trains in tumbling four nights per week and dances regularly. 

He has been involved with Show Dance since early 2018, alongside Ella as the acro coach, and has loved the opportunity to teach and connect with the incredible students. Mitchell loves helping kids reach their goals, which he has also done outside of the dance and gymnastics arenas, as an academic tutor. Mitchell is undertaking post-graduate study in Medicine, with an undergraduate in Biomedical Science. He believes the key to success in learning, whether in gymnastics, dance, or elsewhere, is perseverance, goal-setting, and a great teacher who can make it all enjoyable – which is exactly what Mitchell and Ella strive to be!

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